Videos have been used on websites for many years, and can be very engaging and useful.


Originally the de facto standard of presenting videos on a website used the proprietary Adobe Flash plugin. A few years ago the HTML5 specification introduced the video element for the purpose of playing videos without requiring the proprietary Flash element, which did not work well with Apple products including iPhone.


Now videos may have multiple sources (local hosting, YouTube, Vimeo) and multiple features such as auto-play/click-to-play, screen size, sound control, looping, etc. and work on just about any modern browser.


To see how a video can be placed as a background image to a page, click here.

Self Hosted Videos


The video below is “self hosted”, meaning the video is contained on your hosting server


  This kind of video uses newer HTML5 technology.


YouTube & Vimeo Videos

The video below is a YouTube video, you do not have to have any files stored on your hosting account, just an address pointing to the YouTube you want to display.

  Vimeo may also be used