Whats the difference between a Responsive website and a Mobile App?


Responsive WebsitesA “responsive website” is a normal website, but one that is built with modern website software tools to determine what kind of device is requesting the site to display content. It then can layout the requested site content designed just for that device. A responsive website will run on both a computer and a mobile device, assuming you have a browser “app” installed on the mobile device.


Mobile AppsAn “app” is not a website, though it may link to one. It is a special program platform, similar to a website but with significant differences, and designed to run on mobile devices only. Mobile devices may use an app even if they are not connected to the internet at that time. In general each mobile device type (iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, etc.) requires a different development platform to make and distribute apps and each platform requires a separate App Store submission process.


Reasons to build an “app”:


  • Your application needs access to one or more native features on their mobile device (such as the camera, GPS system, accelerometer, and so on).
  • You want the application’s icon to appear on the home screen of the mobile device.
  • Your application needs to be available offline.
  • You want to monetize your application by making it available for purchase in an app store or market.


Reasons to build a “responsive” website:


  • You want your application to be viewed on both desktop computers and mobile devices
  • You do not want to go through the separate design and App Store submission process for each mobile device.
  • Some device browsers have better functionality than the app viewers.


You might want to have both types of displays to fit the needs of your target markets.