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Website Services

Todays commerce is truly international, available 24×7, and online. Selling, and sometimes delivery, of goods, services or information is done via the Internet. Many of the customers that want your product will want it now. Our e-commerce systems include extensible and stylish shopping carts that provide all of these requirements. Digital products can also be delivered immediately, right when your customer is most likely to buy.

  We can provide powerful full featured systems using components such as WooCommerce or VirtueMart, as well as simple, yet very useful systems such as “PayPal Buy Now” buttons, and SimpleCaddy.


Financial services companies such as Google Checkout, PayPal, Authorize.net, and many others, offer secure online services that may be connected directly to your site to give you an easy way to accept payment through a secure, industry standard payment gateway.


Click here to see a sample WooCommerce section in action.


RSS Feeds

RSSRSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way we can incorporate timely and valuable news and information on your site on just about any subject. It connects articles from sources like Google, Joomla, Yahoo, major news papers, and most major websites. The information provided by these sources is usually free, updated regularly (usually daily) and once your RSS link is set up, these updates are posted automatically. Click on any of the RSS type links (in blue) below, to see examples of RSS Feeds.

RSS News

This news is automatically delivered each day by the RSS feed owner. The sample page linked above is from The New York Times – USA News.


RSS Technology

RSS Technology

The sample page linked above is from NASA News.


RSS Movies

The sample page linked above is from New York Times – Entertainment.

Mobile App's

Whats the difference between a Responsive website and a mobile app?

Responsive Web DesignA “responsive website” is a normal website, but one that is designed using “relative measurements” and other elements such as percentage instead of pixels to define image and text sizes and other parameters to display content.

An “app” is not a website, though it may link to one. It is a special program platform, similar to a website but with significant differences, and designed to run on specific mobile devices only. Mobile devices (phones and pads) may use an app even if they are not connected to the internet at that time. But they do need mobile service, and an app for that site.


Mobile Website BrowserMost mobile devices also have access to a free “browser app” which lets the user surf any site on their mobile device just as if they were on a desktop computer. This is why website owners must have a site that is “responsive”, especially if they don’t have an “app” developed but want the user to see their site on their mobile device anyway. In todays internet this is the majority of users.


In general each mobile device type (iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, etc.) requires a different development platform to make and distribute apps and each platform requires a separate App Store submission process. There are systems available now, such as Adobe’s PhoneGap, that may offer help with these development tasks.


Reasons to build a mobile app:

  • Your application needs access to one or more native features on their mobile device (such as the camera, GPS system, accelerometer, and so on).
  • You want the application’s icon to appear on the home screen of the mobile device.
  • Your application needs to be available offline, anywhere you can get cellular phone service.
  • You want to monetize your application by making it available for purchase in an app store or market.


Reasons to build a “responsive” website

  • You do not want to go through the separate design and App Store submission process for each device.
  • You would rather have your users use their browser instead of downloading an application.
  • Some device browsers may have better functionality than the app views.
  • You want your application to be viewed on both desktop computers and mobile devices

It might be reasonable to have both types of displays to fit the needs of your target markets.