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    • YouTube and Vimeo Video

      YouTube and Vimeo Video

      This type of video is one contained on YouTube (or Vimeo). You do not have to have any files stored on your hosting account, just an address pointing to the YouTube (or Vimeo) video you want to display. You are constrained by YouTube or Vimeo technol...

    • Self Hosted Video

      Self Hosted Video

      “Self hosted” means the video is contained on your hosting server, it can have all the video parameters including “click-to-play”, sound control, “looping”, etc.. You have more control over what videos you have and...

    • Background Videos

      Background Videos

        The browser used must support HTML 5 video, most modern browsers do.   HTML 5 video is now a standard, and easier to embed in a website. Plug-ins like Adobe Flash, which has problems with Apple products, are not required. Videos may be sh...


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Whats the difference between a Responsive Website and a Mobile App? Responsive websites and Mobile Apps   A “responsive website” is a normal website, but one that is built with modern website software tools to determine what ...


Let us use our services to meet your business objectives. Todays commerce is truly international, available 24×7, and online. Selling, and sometimes delivery, of goods, services or information is done via the Internet. Many of the customers ...


Security In todays internet it seems like every day there‚Äôs a story about a malicious hacker, a serious data breach, or a “ransomware” attack. Security is becoming the most important issue when it comes to web design and ...

Sites We Have Done

Check out below a few of the sites we have done.   When we design a WordPress or Joomla CMS website, we dont just throw up a template that looks like every other company that uses a similar one. Templates are a starting point from which we ...


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